Management team


Ellyn Damayanti

Land use and forestry, Indonesia 

Ellyn Kathalina Damayanti is a certified professional forestry engineer with 18 years of experience working on forestry, land use, biodiversity conservation, and rural development programs across Indonesia, India, Ghana and Nepal. Her background is in ethnobotany, and she combines her own knowledge with the use of participatory approaches to support communities to diversify and stabilise livelihoods in ways that are aligned with sustainable forest management and climate change mitigation. Her work as a consultant has included contributions to a wide range of sub-national and national level projects and planning documents covering the thematic areas of conservation, food security, governance, biodiversity monitoring and REDD+. 


Martin Luther Kourouma 

Forestry and natural resource management, Guinea/West Africa 

Martin Luther Kourouma is a forestry and natural resource management expert with a great breadth of technical expertise from 10 years’ implementing projects in West Africa. Martin’s skills are in project management and participatory approaches. He has substantial experience in developing sustainable livelihoods, including agroforestry, Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLA), Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) value chain development, and market gardening. He has designed and developed integrated projects to achieve sustainable forest management and improved livelihoods in Guinea, including working on community forest management and forest co-management initiatives.  


Adaoma Wosu

Adaoma is an inter-disciplinary researcher with a background in environment and development studies and extensive field experience in sub-Saharan Africa. Areas of expertise include marine management and women in small-scale fisheries and gender sensitive approaches to natural resource management. Adaoma has experience in the application of social science methods to understand complex tropical marine systems, and to use this understanding to design interventions and policies with potential to improve the sustainable use of natural resources. Adaoma has practical project development experience including working with local NGOs, conducting project trainings, consultancy assignments and developing activity plans with local teams.

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