Environmental and Social Management Systems

Applying best practice principles to manage environmental and social risks


Biodiversity conservation and natural resource management projects can have unexpected environmental and social impacts. Identifying, assessing and managing environmental and social risks is therefore central to the design and development of sustainable and lasting landscape and seascape initiatives. TLLG work with companies, organisations and projects to design, develop, improve and implement Environmental and Management Systems (ESMS). We take a practical and community-oriented approach to apply international standards from IUCN, World Bank, IFC and others. We have experience in screening projects and designing and implementing Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) and Due Diligence (ESDD). We also facilitate the development of plans and safeguard tools to manage risks, such as Stakeholder Engagement Plans, Grievance Mechanisms, Access Restriction Mitigation Process Frameworks, and Environmental and Social Management Plans and Frameworks.

ESMS projects

The Landscapes and Livelihoods Group

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