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Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning

Scientific research, cost-effective monitoring, and evaluating performance and impacts of ecosystem management projects and programmes.

TLLG conduct applied research and use social and ecological research techniques to assess achievements and inform adaptive management, ensuring lessons learned inform land and resource use policy and practice.

Monitoring the outputs, outcomes and impacts of project activities provides an important source of information to inform adaptive management, demonstrate achievements, and generate knowledge to guide the development of future projects and programmes. TLLG apply a range of social and ecological research techniques to monitor and evaluate the projects and programmes we support.

Learning lessons from implemented projects and programmes is an essential part of improving future practices. Communicating these lessons, and their relevance for practitioners and researchers alike, requires an understanding of these groups' key and current challenges and research questions. The TLLG team keep up to date with policy and research developments through active participation in conferences, workshops, webinars, and ongoing practice in the field. This makes us ideal partners to provide support for developing communications strategies and project impact pathways for research and practice.

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Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Projects

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