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Project Development and Implementation

Providing support throughout the project cycle to develop projects that achieve measurable impacts and conform to international best practice standards.

Natural Climate Solutions


TLLG works with communities, smallholder farmers and local and international NGOs to design and implement projects that contribute to climate change mitigation, while also benefiting biodiversity, ecosystem services and local livelihoods. We have experience using the Plan Vivo System and other carbon standards to provide a source of results-based finance for climate mitigation projects.

Ecosystem Restoration


TLLG work with scientists and resource users to understand local drivers of degradation and design interventions to address them. We draw on landscape approaches and Forest and Landscape Restoration methodologies to assess the costs and benefits of potential interventions and design approaches that meet the needs of local communities while also contributing to global restoration targets. 

Biodiversity Conservation


TLLG use the Conservation Standards to help design community conservation initiatives based on a robust and stakeholder-informed Theory of Change. This approach allows for adaptive management and tracking of measurable results that can help projects to secure support from donors and investors. 


Sustainable Livelihoods


TLLG works with communities and other local stakeholders to establish natural resource management plans and approaches that take a broad range of costs and benefits into account, helping communities to identify opportunities to increase the sustainability of natural resource-dependent and other livelihood activities.


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Concept Development

Working with multiple stakeholders to define new concepts and develop successful funding proposals

Defining a clear, evidence-based concept that reflects local realities and describes achievable impacts is a key stage in the development of all projects and programmes.  


TLLG work with multiple stakeholders to understand the local context and develop concepts for projects and programmes based on a clear and evidence-based Theory of Change. This approach enables the production of realistic and convincing funding proposals as shown by our strong track record and high success rate in securing funding from donors and the private sector.


Combining scientific research and techniques with local knowledge and participatory planning

TLLG work with organisations and community groups to facilitate the design of projects and programmes that meet the needs of local communities and address the challenges of sustainable ecosystem management.


We draw on the latest scientific research and techniques including the use of remote sensing analysis and GIS, and on the local knowledge of resource users through Participatory Planning processes. This results in projects that have a sound evidence base and a strong sense of local ownership.


Training and mentorship to ensure communities and organisations can implement projects effectively

As projects move from the design to implementation stage, TLLG helps by providing training and capacity building to resource users community groups and organisations to ensure they have the skills needed to effectively implement their projects and programmes.


We also play a mentorship role during implementation helping to troubleshoot problems, implement Adaptive Management and plan for scaling up or replicating elsewhere.

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