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Rebecca Stedham - Natural Resource Management Specialist 


Rebecca Stedham is a natural resource management specialist and one of the Co-Managing Partners of The Landscapes and Livelihoods Group LLP. With 12 years’ experience supporting natural resource management projects across Africa, Latin America and Asia, she has made significant contributions to the development of community forest carbon projects (REDD, ANR, afforestation), and supported a wide range of terrestrial and marine community-based natural resource management projects to apply participatory processes to project design, implementation and monitoring, FPIC protocols, and stakeholder engagement. In addition, she has experience assessing environmental and social risks of conservation programmes as part of due diligence assessments and audits, and co-developing safeguard tools and approaches to mitigate environmental and social risks identified. Rebecca is fluent in English and has good French.



  • MSc Geographic Information Science

  • BSc Geography


Becky's projects

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