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Readying Karangan Hilir Village Forest to Receive Payments for Environmental Services, Indonesia

Karangan Hilir Village Forest is a Village Forest (‘Hutan Desa’) with Management Rights issued to Karangan Hilir Village community by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Without effective protection, Karangan Hilir Village Forest is exposed to a range of threats including agricultural expansion, wildlife hunting, uncontrolled fires, and unsustainable timber extraction. Securing the management rights to the Village Forest is a key step in helping guard the forest from these threats, but effective forest protection can only be achieved if there is a Village Forest Management Committee with the capacity to develop and implement effective management plans, with the support of the local community.

Kawal Borneo Community Foundation (KBCF) is working with the Karangan Hilir Village community to develop a project that aims to protect and restore forest within the Karangan Hilir Village Forest area for which local communities have secured management rights for a period of at least 35-years; to prevent greenhouse gas emissions, increase forest carbon stocks, conserve biodiversity, maintain and enhance ecosystem services, and improve local livelihoods. This aim will be achieved by improving the management plan for the Village Forest, and by providing the support required to enable effective long-term management.

TLLG worked with KBCF to develop a concept note for obtaining results-based finance for forest protection and restoration through the Sustainable Commodities Conservation Mechanism. The assignment included training KBCF staff in the results-based finance mechanism and methods of facilitating project development with the village community, and carrying out a literature review and participatory research techniques to gather information required to describe the sites and identify activities with the potential to deliver quantifiable conservation benefits. The technical assistance was funded by the UK Government Partnerships for Forests programme.

Photo: Araraya Cave is part of karst ecosystem in Karangan Hilir Villlage, a potential site for research and various types of ecotourism. © Ellyn Damayanti 2021

Location: East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Period: Aug to Dec 2021


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