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Feasibility Study for Bongo Reforestation Carbon Project, Ghana

Funded by Trees for All, in February 2021 Tree Aid started the Bongo Restoration Project. In partnership with local communities, this 3-year Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) project aims to restore degraded land around the Vea Dam and in the upstream Bongo River catchment area, through the planting of 150,000 trees alongside improved natural resource management practices. This includes enrichment planting of 140,000 trees, and a further 10.000 trees planted in agroforestry systems on farmland.

By promoting nature-based solutions (NbS) involving the conservation, sustainable management and restoration of dryland watersheds this IWRM project is expected to harness biodiversity and ecosystem services to reduce vulnerability and build resilience to climate change.

Forestry and nature-based projects are effective ways to naturally remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it long-term in biomass. This feasibility study aimed to identify the certification potential of a nature-based climate project in the Bongo District, Upper East Region of northern Ghana focusing on dryland watershed restoration through tree planting. As well as providing calculations on the potential climate benefits from the proposed project activities, and the estimated costs associated with registration, validation and verification, the study also provided information on the associated viability of such a project as a long-term sustainable business model to provide climate finance, through the generation of Plan Vivo certified carbon credits.

Photo: © Tree Aid

Client: Tree Aid

Location: Ghana

Period: Jan to Mar 2022


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