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Pre-Feasibility Assessment for Blue Carbon Project in Tanga Region, Tanzania

Fauna & Flora (F&F) and their local Tanzanian partner Mwambao Coastal Community Network (Mwambao) are exploring the potential for a ‘blue carbon’ project focussed on local mangrove forest management in Tanzania’s Tanga region.

TLLG carried out a pre-feasibility assessment of the potential project to:

  • Assess whether the location is suitable for such a project

  • Identify possible activity types for the work,

  • Decide on the most appropriate standard under which to certify credits, and

  • Assess potential carbon benefits from mangrove protection and restoration activities.

Photo: Planting mangroves in Kukuu Pemba, through the MKUBA eco-credit scheme. ©Mwambao, Jules Roberts.

Location: Tanga Region, Tanzania

Period: Nov 2022 to Dec 2023


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