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Technical Assistance for Bahenap Village Forest Project Development, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Bentang Kalmantan Tangguh (BKT) is working with the Bahenap Village community to develop a Village Forest protection and restoration project funded by Rimba Collective. TLLG provided technical assistance to BKT to prepare the project for certification under the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standards.

The technical assistance was provided over a two-year period that involved working closely with BKT and the Bahenap Village community to develop the information required to complete the CCB Project Description and Monitoring Report, and complete validation of the project.

The approach to technical assistance was for TLLG to provide support and capacity building to the BKT project team, to build their understanding and enable them to play a leading role in information-gathering activities. Each activity was introduced to the project team, and training in facilitation was provided. The BKT project team then completed the activities with assistance and guidance from the consultants TLLG.

Photo: Participatory mapping in Bahenap Village © Ellyn Damayanti, 2022

Location: West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Period: May 2022 to Jul 2024


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