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SMART Patrol Development and Training for Bahenap Village Forest Project, Indonesia

Bentang Kalimantan Tangguh (BKT) is working with the community of Bahenap Village Forest to develop and implement a sustainable forest management project in a Bahenap Village Forest. As part of the village community’s efforts to protect and conserve their village forest, patrol teams will carry out regular patrols and monitoring within the village forest.

To enable effective reporting of patrol activities, TLLG used the Spatial Monitoring And Reporting Tool (SMART) to establish a base map, data model, queries and reports for use by BKT and the patrol teams. Standard Operating Procedures were also drafted for patrol teams, and training was provided to patrol team members and BKT staff including wildlife identification, using of GPS, and village forest patrols and monitoring techniques.

Photo: SMART Trainer Laurio Leonauld delivering training in Bahenap Village © Bentang Kalimantan Tangguh

Location: West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Period: Oct to Nov 2022


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