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Scoping Study for a Landscape Restoration Carbon Project in Laikipia County, Kenya

The Laikipia Conservancies Association (LCA) is a member-led organisation comprised of over 20 private and community conservancies in Northern Kenya. The LCA has six core goals, including that conservancies are financially prosperous and economic contributors to Laikipia through the development of new business mechanisms to strengthen the financial resiliency of members. Other goals of the LCA include securing long-term conservation tenure, collaborative landscape planning and management, and effective strengthened management capacity. LCA is exploring the potential for development of a landscape restoration carbon project to support the LCA to achieve these goals.

To help LCA explore the potential for developing a carbon project within the Laikipia Conservancies landscape, TLLG carried out a desk-based assessment with the following objectives:

  • Identifying the suitability of a carbon project within this landscape;

  • Estimating baseline and potential project emissions and carbon benefits;

  • Identifying social and environmental safeguarding considerations;

  • Reviewing potential carbon standards and relevant methodologies;

  • Developing high-level financial scenarios of cost vs benefit; and

  • Providing insight into local and national level considerations related to carbon project development.

The results were summarised in a scoping report presented to the LCA.

Photo: Community members digging semi-circular bunds to restore degraded land in Shulumai Community Conservancy © Shulumai Community Conservancy

Location: Laikipia County, Kenya

Period: Oct to Dec 2022


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