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Scoping Agroforestry Project Potential in the VCS Program

Verra is considering developing an independent agroforestry methodology in the VCS Program. To contribute to the scoping process for the new methodology, TLLG carried out a review of existing agroforestry projects in the VCS and other carbon markets/programs and of their associated carbon accounting methodologies; and interviews with project developers, agroforestry experts, and other relevant stakeholders to identify challenges and opportunities as well as emerging MRV approaches and other technologies that could be leveraged in agroforestry carbon projects. The results were summarised in a report that identified recommendations and next steps for scaling VCS agroforestry development.

Photo: Agroforestry landscape in Upper Tana Watershed, Kenya © Google Earth

Client: Verra

Location: Global

Period: Jul to Oct 2021


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