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Ellyn Damayanti - Land Use and Forestry Specialist 


Ellyn Damayanti is a certified professional engineer with more than 20 years of experience working on forestry, land use, biodiversity conservation, and rural development programs across Indonesia, India, Ghana, Nepal, and Timor Leste. Her background is in forest resources conservation. By further utilizing participatory approaches, she supports communities to diversify and stabilise their livelihoods, and also supports local governments and non-governmental organizations with development and project planning, policy analysis, and sustainable financing in ways that are aligned with sustainable forest management, climate change mitigation, and with respect to environmental and social safeguards. Her work as a consultant has included contributions to a wide range of projects, including planning, training, implementation, and evaluation/assessment covering the thematic areas of conservation, governance, biodiversity, forestry, REDD+, and rural development. In her spare time, she contributes to reviewing manuscripts from national and international scientific journals.


  • Certified ASEAN Engineer, Forestry, ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations

  • Certified Executive Professional Engineer, Forestry, The Institution of Engineers Indonesia

  • PhD Nature Conservation Policy and Social Conservation

  • MSc Ethnobotany, Nature Conservation Policy

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