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Technical Assistance for Social Forestry Projects Concept Development, Indonesia

USAID Green Invest Asia has partnered with Lestari Capital to provide technical support to four social forestry projects in Indonesia. Project Operators plan to develop projects certified by the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standards and funded by Rimba Collective. TLLG provided technical assistance to the four Project Operators, working in collaboration with communities in the project villages, to conduct baseline studies and develop project concept notes providing information required in the CCB Project Description Template.

TLLG worked with the following projects: Orangutan Information Centre (OIC)- Southeast Aceh District, Aceh Province, Sumatra (2 Villages); Perkumpulan Qibar Indonesia Madani (QBAR) - Solok District, West Sumatra (2 Villages); Institute for Promoting Sustainable Livelihood Approach (INPROSULA) - Malinau District, North Kalimantan (3 Villages); Gerakan Masyarakat Papua Lestari (GEMAPALA) – Fakfak District, West Papua (2 Villages)

The approach to the technical assistance was for TLLG to provide support and capacity building to the Project Operators, to build their understanding and enable them to play a leading role in information-gathering activities. Each activity was introduced to the Project Operators, and training in facilitation was provided. The Project Operators then completed the activities with assistance and guidance from TLLG including remote support over a six-month period, a visit to the Project Operators’ offices, and a six-day visit to each of the project villages.

Photo: Forest visit, Kampung Wartutin, Papua © Ellyn Damayanti, 2022.

Location: Indonesia

Period: Jul 2022 to Apr 2023


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