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Validation of Halo Verde Carbon Project, Timor-Leste

TLLG fielded a validation team to assess conformance of the Halo Verde Timor-Leste Carbon Project with the requirements of the Plan Vivo Standard. The project is a great example of forest landscape restoration, having worked with smallholders to establish woodlots and agroforestry plots in over 150 sites, with a total area of around 75 hectares.

The project has been active since 2010 and has developed a model that can now be replicated and scaled-out to other areas of degraded land managed by smallholder farmers in the region. Over a two-week period, the validation team met with participating farmers as well as stakeholders from the Government and national and international agencies. Project coordinators - Fundacao Carbon Offsets Timor (F-COTI) and Group Training Northern Territory (GTNT), and the main technical partner - Charles Sturt University (CSU), provided the support required by the validation team during their field data and information gathering tasks. They developed a good understanding of the project activities and governance and identified some areas where small changes could improve alignment with the Plan Vivo Standard, and increase the potential for long-term carbon, livelihood and ecosystem benefits.

Photo: © Alexandre Sarmento, Fundação Carbon Offset Timor (FCOTI)

Client: Fundação Carbon Offset Timor (F-COTI) representing Group Training Northern Territory (GTNT) with technical cooperation with Charles Sturt University (CSU)

Period: February to April 2020


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