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Readying Tanjung Village Forest to receive Payments for Environmental Services, Indonesia

The project aims to address the long-term and sustainable management of biodiverse forests that border the Heart Borneo. It seeks to ready Tanjung (Hutan Desa Bukit Belang) to receive Payment for Environmental Services (PES) by acquiring and implementing Plan Vivo certification that would enable the results-based finance for conservation outcomes.

Tanjung village is located near production forests and protected primary forests. Protection and management of the Tanjung Hutan Desa will prevent forest degradation in the broader landscape and help avoid encroachment into the primary forests.

Through technical service inputs funded by UK Government Partnerships for Forests programme, TLLG provided support to PRCF-Indonesia and the village of Tanjung to attain three main project outputs: (a) Definition of ecosystem outcomes and key performance indicators; (b) Production of an overall budget with a description of financial requirements to implement the project over a 25-year period, and (c) Production of a Plan Vivo Project Idea Note.

Photo: Dayak Suruk ceremony to welcome highly respected guests into Tanjung Village © Imanul Huda, 2020.

Location: West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Period: Nov 2020 to Jan 2021

Outputs: Plan Vivo Project Idea Note

Download PDF • 2.41MB


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