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Pre-feasibility Assessment for Forest Carbon Project, Senegal and Mali

TLLG was contracted by Tree Aid to help them explore the feasibility of developing a Plan Vivo certified carbon project in the Sahel that had the potential of sequestering 200,000 tCO2 over a four-year period to offset a potential donor’s carbon footprint. Activities in the feasibility study included; i) Developing a typology for typical baseline conditions in the potential project areas, based on information provided by Tree Aid; ii) Developing a description of typical enrichment planting/reforestation activities that would be carried out within project areas, with details of species to be planted, planting density, and other management activities; iii) Estimating the potential carbon benefits under the baseline and project scenarios, applying Plan Vivo’s approved SHAMBA methodology; iv) Assessing the scale of Afforestation/Reforestation (A/R) activities required to achieve the sequestration of 200,000 tCO2 over four years; v) Assessing financial viability of the project in light of estimated costs associated with registration, validation and verification of the project, as well as costs associated with monitoring and evaluation of activities and; vi) Determining the viability of the proposed upfront investment to generate carbon offsetting for 200,000 tCO2 equivalent with A/R activities and certifying this under a Plan Vivo carbon standard.

Photo: Tree planting at one of Tree Aid's project sites in Burkina Faso. © Tree Aid

Client: Tree Aid

Duration: December 2020

Location: Mali, Senegal


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