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Information Management Systems to Inform Forest Landscape Restoration

TLLG are working with WeForest to help improve their Information management systems (IMS).

WeForest rely on timely and accurate information to inform science and context-driven project design, results based adaptive management, transparency of operational decision making, inter-departmental coordination and, transparent and timely communication with donors. Furthermore, information generated across the wide geographical extent of WeForest’s work will contribute to forest landscape restoration research and support the scale of forest restoration that is needed to help address the global challenge of climate change mitigation.

Information Management Systems (IMS) incorporate all processes, resources and tools associated with the capture, collation, transfer, analysis and reporting of data, and are key to enabling the application of data for such planning, decision making, research and communications. TLLG will review WeForest’s current systems in light of their needs, identify and set priorities for improvements to their IMS, assess options to improve these systems and work closely with WeForest to implement the improvements.

Client: WeForest

Duration: August 2019 - January 2020

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