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Village Forest Protection and Restoration in South Sumatra, Indonesia

As part of a broader management plan for the Lalan Mendis Forest Management Unit in South Sumatra, the Hutan Kita Institute (HaKI) is exploring the potential to develop Plan Vivo projects in two Village Forests. Forests in the region are highly threatened by the expansion of cash crops and a lack of effective forest governance.

TLLG worked with HaKI and the communities in Merang and Kepayang villages to develop a concept for a Plan Vivo project based on the establishment of agroforestry plots to facilitate forest protection and natural regeneration within defined village forest areas. A series of participatory mapping planning exercises resulted in the development of a Project Idea Note describing the concept that was approved by Plan Vivo.

Location: South Sumatra, Indonesia

Duration: Jan 2018 to Apr 2018

Documents: Project Idea Note approved by Plan Vivo

English (pdf)

Bahasa Indonesia (pdf)

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