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Nicholas Berry - Forest and Climate Specialist


Nicholas is a forester and landscape ecologist with 15 years of experience supporting ecosystem management projects and programmes. He specialises in assessment and monitoring of carbon, biodiversity and ecosystem services; and has expertise in ecosystem-based climate change mitigation and adaptation, and forest landscape restoration. He has contributed to REDD+, climate-smart agriculture, agroforestry, and biodiversity conservation projects in more than 20 countries throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Nick's work applies natural and social science techniques, and combines scientific information with knowledge shared by local communities and other stakeholders, to understand and map land use and land cover and identify opportunities for sustainable landscape management. He also provides training and support to organisations and communities to build capacity for effective implementation of projects and programmes, monitoring achievements, applying adaptive management, and securing long-term sources of finance.



  • MICFor Professional Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters

  • PhD Impacts of Selective Logging on Biodiversity and Carbon Stocks in Borneo

  • MRes Ecology and Environmental Management

Nick's projects

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