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Michael Riddell - Livelihoods and Governance Specialist


Mike is a livelihoods and governance expert with 12 years experience, specialising in understanding and establishing the conditions for effective community-based natural resource management in complex social-ecological systems. He has expertise in sustainable livelihoods, benefit-sharing and incentives, institutional arrangements, rights and tenure; and has applied his expertise to biodiversity conservation and climate change resilience challenges, including in the marine, forestry and mining sectors. Mike is proficient in project design, evaluations and participatory processes, and has experience of working with artisanal fisheries in coastal East Africa, community forests and hunting systems in tropical Central Africa, and natural resource management in the Sahel.



  • DPhil Hunting and Rural Livelihoods in Northern Congo

  • MSc Biodiversity, Conservation and Management



  • English, French and Portuguese

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