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tropical agricultural valley on the moun

The Landscapes and Livelihoods Group

Best practice ecosystem management


Understanding the needs of local communities

TLLG use interdisciplinary approaches involving multiple stakeholders to develop and implement sustainable landscape and natural resource management solutions that address the needs of local resource users. 

Applying international experience in ecosystem management

TLLG work with resource users, community groups, civil society organisations, academic institutions, governments, and private sector organisations to address complex societal challenges; supporting our projects, clients and partner organisations at all stages of the project or programme cycle.

Supporting protection, restoration and sustainable use of ecosystems 


Natural climate solutions

Ecosystem-based mitigation and adaptation to benefit local communities


Biodiversity conservation

Working with local communities to  conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services


Ecosystem restoration

Restoring degraded landscapes to benefit ecosystems and improve local livelihoods 


Sustainable livelihoods

Developing local solutions for sustainable use of natural resources to improve livelihoods

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Project Development and Implementation

Providing support throughout the project cycle to develop projects that achieve measurable impacts and conform to international best practice standards.

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Desert of Niger, Niamey. Trees and sand

Environmental and Social Risk Management

Practical and community-oriented approaches following international standards for identifying, assessing and managing environmental and social risks.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning

Scientific research, cost-effective monitoring, and evaluating performance and impacts of ecosystem management projects and programmes. 

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