• Nicholas Berry

Development of the Sustainable Commodities Conservation Mechanism (SCCM), Indonesia

Lestari Capital is developing an innovative finance mechanism connecting corporate demand for durable conservation outcomes with projects that need long-term operating capital on the ground. The Sustainable Commodities Conservation Mechanism (SCCM) helps companies meet an increasing range of sustainability certification and import market requirements.

TLLG is working with Lestari Capital to support the development of procedures and processes for screening potential conservation projects, apply these to the first projects that will become part of the SCCM, and match projects with companies seeking compliance with the conservation requirements of the Roundtable on Sustainable Oil Palm (RSPO), and other types of sustainability certification. TLLG is also supporting project developers to prepare their projects for on-boarding to SCCM.

Client: Lestari Capital

Duration: Oct 2018 to Dec 2020