TLLG are working with WeForest to help improve their Information management systems (IMS).

We Forest rely on timely and accurate information to inform science and context-driven project design, results based adaptive management, transparency of operational decision making, inter-departmental coordination and, transparent and timely communication with donors. Furthermore, information generated acr...

TLLG is supporting Exeter University’s Global Systems Institute (GSI) to develop collaborative partnerships with the Kenya-based Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) and The International Small Group Tree Planting Programme (TIST) that have both developed successful models for community-led biodiversity conservation and landscape restoration.  TLLG will contribute their technical experiences from com...

To ensure that the Plan Vivo Standard continues to reflect international best practice and to enhance access to markets and funding for current and future Plan Vivo projects, the Plan Vivo Standard is being revised, with the aim of launching an updated version in 2019.

TLLG is helping facilitate the process for revising the Standard by coordinating a working group, arranging consultations with ex...

Participatory evaluation of livelihood opportunities within the coastal zone of Quirimbas National Park using IUCN’s Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement and Diversification (SLED) methodology, and including an evaluation of past livelihood interventions from communities’ perspective.

Location: Mozambique, Quirimbas National Park

Duration: May 2017 to September 2017

Client: WWF Mozambique

A research project involving the analysis and synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data collected by CARE-Niger to understand the link between Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA’s) and resilience in the context of climate shocks in rural Niger. The work included assessing available data, study methods, context, and designing a research framework to complete the analysis of availab...

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