Globally, around 1.6 billion people depend on forests, 2.6 billion depend directly on agriculture, and more than 3 billion depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for food, income and a wide variety of other benefits. Degradation of land and oceans as a result of human activities and climatic change therefore threatens and undermines the very basis of peoples’ livelihoods. Where natural resources are affected by over-use, sustainable management may require restrictions on access to resources, potentially restricting livelihoods further.


To ensure communities benefit from sustainable management of natural resources, TLLG use integrated and participatory planning that draws on the experience and expertise of farmers, fishers, non-timber forest product collectors, and other direct resource users. We work with communities and other local stakeholders to establish natural resource management plans and approaches that take a broad range of costs and benefits into account, helping communities to identify opportunities to increase the sustainability of natural resource-dependent and other livelihood activities.


Sustainable livelihoods projects


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