Working with local communities to protect and conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services

In addition to the intrinsic value that comes from the protection of species and ecosystems, conservation and management of ecosystems contributes to the maintenance of ecosystem services - those goods and services that local communities and society benefit from. In many parts of the world, local communities have borne the costs of inappropriate conservation initiatives and models that have not taken into account their role in the management of natural resources. TLLG aim to find and develop more appropriate approaches that are based on an understanding of the costs and benefits of conservation and are aligned with local communities’ interests.


TLLG use the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation to help design community conservation initiatives based on a robust and stakeholder-informed Theory of Change. This approach allows for adaptive management and tracking of measurable results that can help projects to secure support from donors and investors. We have experience of helping communities to explore financial opportunities to launch and sustain their conservation efforts in the short-medium term, including biodiversity offsets, conservation liabilities, and CSR funds.


Conservation projects


The Landscapes and Livelihoods Group

Edinburgh, UK