Climate change

Ecosystem-based climate change mitigation and adaptation that benefits local communities

Ecosystems play a vital role in the global climate system, as both sources and sinks of greenhouse gases. If appropriately managed ecosystems can contribute to climate change mitigation efforts through activities that prevent deforestation and forest degradation, or increase carbon stored in soils and vegetation. Ecosystems also play an important role for communities adapting to climate change, who must find ways to sustainably use natural resources under environmental conditions with greater extremes and less predictability.


TLLG works with communities, smallholder farmers and local and international NGOs to design and implement projects that contribute to climate change mitigation, while also benefiting biodiversity, ecosystem services and local livelihoods. We have experience using the Plan Vivo System and other carbon standards to provide a source of results-based finance for climate mitigation projects. TLLG also works to understand the impacts of climate change on local communities and develop approaches to natural resource use that give them the best chance of adapting to future environmental conditions through Ecosystem-based Adaptation


Climate change projects


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